Ekt Software is all about learning foreign language vocabulary. Our vocabulary trainers are built to be fast, efficient and above all extremely easy to use. While beginning and advanced English learners alike will find our trainers very useful, they are really designed with people in mind who already have a fairly good grasp of English grammar and pronunciation. People who feel they have reached the point where the only way to improve their communication skills is to increase their vocabulary by as much as possible and as fast as possible. With this clear goal in mind, we choose to leave out some features that may be present in other vocabulary training programs, but are not consistent with our goal - as much and as fast as possible. On the other hand, we include many features that other trainers lack, but that we feel are absolutely essential to reach our goal. Please go to the learning vocabulary page of this website to learn more about our vision of language learning, especially vocabulary.
Some examples of features you won't find in our vocabulary trainers:

  • a confusing interface with too many buttons, icons and other distracting elements
  • a huge text file needed to explain features that are unintuitive or confusing
  • words already grouped into lessons that don't match your textbook lessons or the words you want to learn on your own
  • different parts of the program with completely different interfaces to learn.

Some examples of features you will find in our vocabulary trainers:

  • they are designed so they can be used with any textbook or language course
  • the word usage examples that you already know can be replaced with ones you want to practise
  • you can make your own flashcards that have all of the features that ours have
  • vocabulary is organized in semantic categories
  • an interactive tutorial that let's you try out all of the features of the program before you start using it